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STEAM Fair 2017


We are having our second annual STEAM fair on April 20th, 2017.  As a STEAM school we have decided to go against the run of the mill science fair where you follow the scientific method and follow rigid rules and expectations set up by the school.  We want the process to be a true discovery by the students on questions they have and topics they are interested in.  We simply want students to identify a phenomenon (something that is observable and has a cause).  When they identify this phenomenon it should lead them to an overarching question that will drive this project.  As they research this question they will find aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and incorporate them into their presentation.  



How is this different than a science fair?

We are not Basing this on the scientific method and students will not be making a hypothesis.  A phenomenon that a student observes and is curious about will be driving this project.  It is not an experiment it will be a discovery through research and observation.  Students should have an overarching question as to why or how a phenomenon happens.

I am having trouble incorporating Engineering into my project.

Ask the question what problems could arise with this phenomenon or what problems could be solved with your knowledge of this phenomenon.  You could also create a model of how the phenomenon works or draw a diagram of an invention that you could make that relates to your phenomenon.

What ways can I present my project?

Here are a few ways you can present your project:  Poster board, trifold presentation board, google slides, Prezi, power point, keynote, video presentation and pretty much any other way you can think of.  If you are using a presentation using technology please bring it April 9th to ensure it is compatible with the technology we have available.  It can be brought on a flash drive or can share with me over google drive at jay.porter@washk12.org