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Inside 2nd Grade





I can reason with shapes and their attributes.

  1. Identify shapes by their attributes using appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Compare 2D and 3D shapes.
  3. Build, draw, and label shapes and apply to real-world context.
  4. Partition shapes equally.

Relate addition and subtraction when comparing data.

  1. Collect, model, and explain data using addition and subtraction.
  2. Use analog and digital clocks to tell time correctly.
  3. Identify coins and their values.
  4. Add and subtract coins.
  5. Estimate, measure, and compare.

LAnuage Arts

I can use key ideas and details to comprehend informational text.

  1. Use details, text features, and vocabulary to comprehend informational text.
  2. Summarize readings.
  3. Describe what the author intends to be understood.