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School LAND Trust Information

Community Council helps our school prepare and monitor our School LAND Trust Plan. Visit schoollandtrust.org to view our plans and see how the funds were used at our school. Voice your appreciation to our state and federal politicians to let them know how valuable these School Land Trust funds are for our school and children.

Trust Land Use 2016-17

This past year we used our trust land funds to hire a highly qualified reading teacher who has extensive training in the Reading Recovery program.  She was able to work with 16 first and second grade students,one on one, who needed intense reading support.  The majority of students taught made gains of 10 reading levels or more.  This also helped our first grade as a whole.  45% were proficient on the state reading test called DIBELS and by the end of the year 60% were proficient.  In another comprehensive reading test done by teachers 57% of first graders were on grade level and by the end of the year 78% of first graders were on grade level.  In addition we used some additional funds to purchase reading materials for our reading intervention program.  

We also used our trust land funds to pay for an experienced licensed teacher to run an after school Musical Theatre program 3 days a week.  We had over 80 kids participate in this program and they held several performances and were taught about music and theatrical elements.  DIBELS scores and language arts scores improved in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as compared to their previous years scores.  Students were enriched and gained many life skills by participating in this program.  

Trust Land Plan for 2017-2018

This year the funds we receive from the Utah School LandTrust are being used to support a highly successful reading intervention program for our first grade students. We are also using these funds to provide aides for multiple grade levels.  They will be used to help in small group reading instruction, math interventions, and help with students who are not proficient in different areas.